Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bank of America - keep the change or eliminate the coins?

Over the last few years Bank of America has been publicizing its keep the change program . Essentially Bank of America rounds of what you pay to the nearest dollar. Thus if you buy a burger for $3.49 , Bank of America will round it to the next logical figure of $4. Bank of America will match the keep the change for the first three months and then match proportions for the same. Interesting program!
What amount do consumers pay tax on ? $3.49 or $4.0. Bank of America might make some
I had heard of a similar thing used in the movie "Office Space" where the IT Geeks rounded off every transaction to the nearest dollar amount and won themselves a fortune.
Whats so great about this? My guess is that this is meant for lazy people who do not transfer from Checking to Savings account immediately and loose the interest OR its good for people who do cash transactions and loose cash all the time.
According to the article about 25 million people do not have bank accounts .
In relation to my earlier post about coins been eliminated - could the above be one way of starting it OR do we not need it once we get rid of those pennies or nickels ?