Sunday, March 29, 2009

Some great shopping deals and sites

I have been a fan of Fatwallet for quite some time now. Recently came through some good deals surfing around the site.

1. Cash back opportunity: Some participating stores offer cash-back if items are purchased via fatwallet. Common names are HP , Sears, , etc. Fatwallet collects money in your account until a certain sum is earned and can then mail you a check. Recently while shopping for laptops I found this deal for HP. A 6% cash back for a $600 laptop amounts to around $36 of cash back. Not bad huh !
There are other sites like that also offer cash backs.

2. Lending club is offering free $50 for opening an account. Lending club is an online peer-peer lending site.

3. Bank of America offering $50 on opening a new account.

4. When you sign up for veggie club in Sweet Tomatoes you can be eligible for a 15% discount while dining at Sweet Tomatoes. As I mentioned in my earlier post on Sweet Tomatoes have been known to occasionally send "buy one meal and 2 drinks and get the second meal free". I have been knowing of these deals for some time. This is not one I found through Fatwallet.

Please note that I have not personally verified #2 and #3 above.

Besides the above fatwallet lets you subscribe for alerts by entering keyword(s). For example if you are looking for a shredder you can request fatwallet to send you notification if anyone submits a new deal for shredder.

Other sites which are welknown in the world of deals are and

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gold technical analysis - different views

Recent change in Gold price surprised some individuals who were basing their theories on pure tech analysis. Agreed that the gold chart was forming a wedge or trying to make a decision but this time the move was mainly in the up direction due to the recent news of some inflation starting to pour in the market.

Here is stock chart weekly analysis since my last technical gold analysis in early March

Looks like support is now becoming resistance. Lets see how the market shapes up.
Market club's monthly is still a buy:

Weekly is at sell since 88.

Looks like gold is starting is new bull. If it clears its previous highs of around $100 we will have a new target.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gold technical analysis March 2009

Latest gold charts and movements are here:

Marketclub's weekly, monthly and quarterly signals still signal a buy. The Daily chart which had signalled a sell now moved to a buy territory.

According to Fibonacci retracement we are in the first retracement level. Will we cross it or go down? Elliott wave chartists say this is the wave B?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

February 2009 financial links

Here are some cool links for February, more on the trading front since I wanted to follow the market closer. Everyone has their own theory regarding how low can the market go !
1. Carlfutia explains his daily trading lessons with his analysis theory based on George Lindsay.
2. Elliot wave and cyclic theory update in AllAllan's blog posts. The Cycles theory along with techsignal which is a specially designed software that performs scientific market prediction with spectral analysis, synthesis of cycle events, and more.
3. Miranda Professional Blogger's interview by HIB.
4. Michael Lomker trying to make his market speculations in his blog.
5. Dshort comparing bear S&Pmarkets quite nicely.
6. James B. Stewart's theory of buying when the market falls 10% and selling when it goes up 25%.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Dow to new levels !

Dow breaks to new prices , what's next ? Elliott wave theorists predicts move up to wave 4 which means a rally. Robert Prechter recommends covering shorts after more than a year. What does that mean? Stocks up for a run?

How low can the Dow go?