Friday, July 4, 2008

The World is Flat - review

Recently I have been reading the book "World Is Flat" by Thomas Friedman. One good thing about the book has been it has brought alive a lot of interesting historical events which were stored in our grey matter somewhere. Since there are so many facts brought about in the book its hard to recollect all .. a blog to share might we worthwhile

I had some interesting take aways in the few chapters I read in the book.
Take the story of how Walmart grew and does business with its "Everyday low prices". One thing that Friedman points out intelligently in one of the chapters is how the society pays for the above in an indirect way. He takes an example of how Walmart insures its employees and makes a point in saying that the society indeed pays for the "everyday low prices" through tax money whereas Costco does do the opposite but thats what a citizen in many may demand.

Very interestingly Friedman has made some points alive like "income levels of people who shop at Walmart, Target or Costco"? Why is it that some people pay more to get the same thing at other place - is it because of convinience or simply a matter of principle?

More of the World is Flat to continue in my next writings....