Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Promote high traffic blog using StumbleUpon

Slightly shifting from my normal finance entries this note is about promoting a blog in general. Recently I came across Problogger's how to promote young blog and have started taking steps towards the same. The big catchaway to promote young blog to become a high traffic blog is to network on StumbleUpon. I have been a passive user of stumble upon.

Leaving the "Stumble Upon" issues aside I am starting the network on StumbleUpon to attract people with similar interests.


kang said...

Everyone! This really does work, I blogged about this myself and on the first day I got about 7 people to stumble my blog and it sent about 400 hits to my site all on the first day! Since then, stumble upon has been sending huge traffic everysince :D

Do try it out! This really works!

HIB said...

I receive most of my traffic from Stumble Upon. It's a great tool and I second everything in this post. Karma is king. If someone helps you out, return the favor.

abra-ka-dabra said...

I am not very sure that stumble upon helps that big a deal if you are a new blogger.even i read the article on problogger but then din't do much about it.
Are you sure it works.Anywas when so many people are saying may-be its worth a try.Will make a account and get back to u mate.
Because i guess we share common interests as far as investments go

Tapan said...

Thanks guys. I did not get good returns from stumble upon earlier but trying my luck now :)

Michael said...

I have stumbled a few of your articles and I have received some referrals from your site as well my stumble traffic is starting to go up now. (I would recommend installing the toolbar so you can easily stumble your articles also you should have a link for other to stumble your articles at the end of each blog article and add it to your feed you can do this at feedburner automatically)