Saturday, October 18, 2008

India Rising!

Recently a friend of mine forwarded me this video recorded by PBS and termed "India Rising". You can view the video at PBS's website.

The video's main focus is a town Pune, a growing educational town situated 100 miles east of the main metropolitan of Mumbai in Western India.

India's GDP is on its boom in the last few years, recording 9.1% growth in the 2007-08 timeframe according to wikipedia.

The middle class can now afford a lot of commodity items that were taken as granted by rest of the world.

Indians now are shopping in malls for microwaves or refrigerators and also buying condos and driving comfortable automobiles.

To me the above change has already been in place for a few years, but its only recently that its started making news in mainstream America.

Express India's rising food prices article gives the views of President Bush on the same.

What do these economic needs of China and India mean to the rest of the world? There is only so much in the world and one argument is "Should we not share what we have?" Is this the price the rest of the world will have to pay when The World Is Flat?

One positive outcome as depicted in the video is that it encourages innovation by the rise in competition.



Free Music said...

well this is really nice stuff

jj-momscashblog said...

It's good to see that India is on the rise, and the video was enlightning. Thanks for sharing the info. the internet lets us see other parts of the world and how we take things for granted here in the United States.Good info.

Laura said...


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mywifequitherjob said...

I'd be interested in hearing your point of view on how the current economy in the US will affect India. For our company, we've cut back on the level of outsourcing since the savings are no longer worth it.

Tapan said...

Hi MyWifeQuitHerJob,
This economy has had an global impact and India being one of them.
Since the dollar has had a great rally over the last few months, outsourcing costs have reduced rather than increased as the Rupee to Dollar reached an ever high Rs 50 per US $.
In my opinion savings are still there.

Tapan said...

Hi Laura,
Please could you let me know your contact information to get in touch?