Sunday, March 29, 2009

Some great shopping deals and sites

I have been a fan of Fatwallet for quite some time now. Recently came through some good deals surfing around the site.

1. Cash back opportunity: Some participating stores offer cash-back if items are purchased via fatwallet. Common names are HP , Sears, , etc. Fatwallet collects money in your account until a certain sum is earned and can then mail you a check. Recently while shopping for laptops I found this deal for HP. A 6% cash back for a $600 laptop amounts to around $36 of cash back. Not bad huh !
There are other sites like that also offer cash backs.

2. Lending club is offering free $50 for opening an account. Lending club is an online peer-peer lending site.

3. Bank of America offering $50 on opening a new account.

4. When you sign up for veggie club in Sweet Tomatoes you can be eligible for a 15% discount while dining at Sweet Tomatoes. As I mentioned in my earlier post on Sweet Tomatoes have been known to occasionally send "buy one meal and 2 drinks and get the second meal free". I have been knowing of these deals for some time. This is not one I found through Fatwallet.

Please note that I have not personally verified #2 and #3 above.

Besides the above fatwallet lets you subscribe for alerts by entering keyword(s). For example if you are looking for a shredder you can request fatwallet to send you notification if anyone submits a new deal for shredder.

Other sites which are welknown in the world of deals are and