Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gold technical analysis March 2009

Latest gold charts and movements are here:

Marketclub's weekly, monthly and quarterly signals still signal a buy. The Daily chart which had signalled a sell now moved to a buy territory.

According to Fibonacci retracement we are in the first retracement level. Will we cross it or go down? Elliott wave chartists say this is the wave B?


Anar said...

Hi there, I like your post on GLD. Could you post the Monthly Chart with Triangles on it?

Reason I ask is that if you look at T/A of Gold at this link:

It seems that Gold is going to 750 before 1,000

THANKS! Great work

Tapan said...

Hi Anar,
Thanks for dropping by.
I will write up a blog on gold soon.
Elliott wave chartists suggests gold will go down as well.
Which analysis did you have which suggests that GLD is going down?