Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tax time for gold or silver

If you have enjoyed GLD or SLV gains in 2008, you might have had a tough time with reporting the taxes. GLD or SLV lists some monthly sells that it passes to shareholders.
They are also referred to as WHFITs (Widely Held Fixed Investment Trusts).
If you are using any software like Turbo Tax and use auto login's to your brokers website all of the above are listed as gains and added to Turbo Tax.
The issue is its difficult to list cost -basis and hence SPDRs shows how to report the gains. Please see here for details on reporting GLD.

PS: I am not a tax advisor/consultant. Please contact your tax advisor for details.


Philadelphia Movers said...

i wish i had known this a couple weeks ago when i was doing my taxes... =[