Sunday, April 19, 2009

Finance movies anyone ?

If finance or business interests you, then probably you can relate to some movies that cover these topics. These Hollywood movies range from comedy to serious and depict how money can change lives.

1. Trading places: A rich guy and a poor guy end up swapping their positions in the game of finance. Watch Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykryod in this funny 1983 movie.

2. Office Space: This one brings the office to the movie theater. Tech programmers can relate most to this silicon valley comedy.

3. Wallstreet: This is about a WallStreet stockbroker who wants to get to the top by using both legal and illegal methods.

4. Rogue Trader: Ambitious, Nick Leeson finds himself as a futures option trader in this 1999 Hollywood movie. I have not yet watched this one. Any reviews?

5. Lost in America: Money Magazine brought this to my attention. Have not seen this movie yet . This 1985 movie depicts the life of a couple who start on a journey and lose their nest egg.

Do you have more to add to the list?


Vanessa said...

Boiler room- kinda scary
Working Girls
The Pursuit of Happiness

How come I can't think of any others? How about The Corpoation, the really really scary documentary that came out a couple of years ago? and on the same note, Enron The Smartest Guy in the Room, Walmart, the High Cost of Low Prices...

income.portfolio said...

i like the theme. I am sure there will be few movies in near future about wall street or may be bernie madoff!!

Fixed Index Annuity said...

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