Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Where is WallStreet headed? Commonly asked questions

Everyone's cheering the upward move in the DOW, S &P and NASDAQ markets in the last few weeks.

There have been various theories as to what could happen next with the market and how long will this continue. I found a few which I can highlight here:

After a spectacular rally from the lows seen last month, the S&P, the DOW appears to be running into overhead resistance.

Click here for the video.

Investor Sajal has highlighted few key points in his blog in Seeking Alpha. Analysts are making different kinds of predictions from this being a bear market rally ready to loose steam or beginning of a new bull market to a bear market rally that will suck in more traders.

Mick Weinstein gives us a good summary at yahoo finance .

The coming few weeks are earnings weeks which is where the market swings in different directions in one-two day intervals.

In my opinion we will see some back and forth in some target area until earnings season is over. The direction of the market will be decided once the earnings season comes to a halt.



Trade the Markets said...

I totally agree that, at least for a while, markets will go back and forth.
But taking a short term I would be very careful, it seems that stock markets are ignoring the effects of swine flu and as fears grow we might see delayed reaction and I wouldn't be surprised to see markets tumble if swine flu stays in the news for another week.

income.portfolio said...

if you thinking wall street made up moves, check out indian markets, it made 20% up moves, what about that?

Tapan said...

Hi , Yeah I know. That was due to the elections, right? Markets went up here 30% but then stopped. Thanks for visiting.

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